Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Women & the AIDS Epidemic

Alain de Botton on Pleasures at Work

The 4-Hour Body

Building Global Health w/ Professor Daar

HIV Prevention and Health in Thailand

Adventures of Cancer Bitch

The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex

Testicular Cancer Awareness Film

Back Massage with Oil

Orgasm School @ Man & Wife Tv

The Vagina Spray

Carlin's Vagina Goes Worldwide

The Pulse Project

Celebrating World Aids Day

Find out more @ WorldAidsDay.org

Abstinence is Always an Option

Now this is some bs

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Free Condom Key Chains

The Museum of Sex is having a little giveaway. Use this code CONKEYCH and get your very own:

The Museum of Sex Store 
233 5th Ave. (& 27th St.)
Nyc 10016

Sun - Thu: 10am - 8pm 
Fri - Sat: 10am - 9pm

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Debates on Happiness & Image

Rafael gets my thumbs up.

Bizarro Film Festival

An Advanced Thai Massage

Gay Relationships: My Partner Wont....

Vibrator Review: The Lelo Mia

Man&Wife w/ The Feel Good Condom

Porn Addiction & Your Brain

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movie Clips - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

US Navy Teaches Sex Hygiene

This is very detailed and GRAPHIC, but EXTREMELY informative. More men should want to be as careful. Quote: "Use your common sense, for no one will help you if you do not help yourself."

Strip Search Gone Wrong

Bad bad bad. I remember this. This is hard to watch because this could happen to anyone. I wonder what happened in this case.

Just Learned Rachel was on HBO's Real Sex

Could not find Rachel's episode :( On the upside of things, I miss Babeland's workshops. Its been so long since I've attended one. Must add to schedule.

For those who don't know her:

Marni on CP24 Breakfast and ETalk and Toro Mag

This one is really good

Marni the WingGirl w/ Tips for Men

Women do like to be teased....yeah!
I checked out her website, to be honest, I hate sites like that. Visit at your own will.

Watch the Yes Dance