Monday, November 8, 2010

A small introduction to the ART OF SEX & THERAPY

In my interpretation, SEX is an ART that is also THERAPEUTIC to all 7 senses. At the ART of SEX & THERAPY, I will dive into the underworld of sex and their lovers.  I will explore, dig, and learn about a diverse allotment of sexual communities, no matter how estranged. 

So many disguise true wants in fear of being judged.  Well.... here you are far from judgment, as I delve the mysteries of these sex acts in and around New York City, learning more and more about a myriad of guilty pleasures. 

Let's grow.... lets explore Eros.

So, join me on my journey through the hidden world and outlets of many desires, fantasies, and fetishes. 

Tahtah :)

p.s. look out for the website coming soon......