Saturday, August 10, 2013

How To Twerk Tutorial

Butter's Theme

Bubble Butt

I cannot believe I missed this!! Recap....

Til The End Of Time

umm, now thats love

Grown Up

Download the track for free at

Sure, being a young punk is fun, but what happens when the training wheels come off? Detroit hip-hop spitfire Danny Brown reveals the truth about what happened to his teeth in this childhood-revisited clip.

Director: Greg Brunkalla
Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Production Company: Walter Pictures
Produced by Party Supplies

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The Score (trailer)

Men Who Are Knowingly Spreading AIDS

If you haven't seen these, I'm sharing it again.  This is important because I don't think these guys have been caught yet.  Be aware.  Be safe.  You just never know who you are dealing with.  I understand you can be in the heat of the moment, a little drinks involved, but what is it all worth????

Nowadays, you're first outting needs to be to be to the clinic.  Yes!  FIRST DATES TO THE CLINIC.

Again, be aware, be safe.  If you dont, it may cost you your life and not in a good way.

Pep Talk from Kid President

Hoes Come Out @ Night

Its been a few years since I've seen their work and went to a live performance. Great show by the way. Any hoot. Ding! Its popped in my head, they have some very interesting videography that I should definitely share. Hope you enjoy.