Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunny Side of Sex in UGANDA

(more so in English)

All I can say is: Wow! This is what they teach you in school, in Uganda, guess I went to the wrong school :)

I would advise all to take the time to watch every video straight through. They were amazing.

I learned so much from all four series. Hands down, India and Uganda have it made when it comes to sex education. And.. to be honest, on some level, I could agree with arranged marriage. It is must easier; takes out the complication of having to weed through partners until you finally meet someone that works for you.  Especially, in comparison to most American relationships which typical has motto'd: "On to the next."  On the other side, theres always a plus to every negative; 1st Amendment Rights, which tends to break up, but always makes us.

Sunny Side of Sex in CUBA

(in English)

The more I watch, the more Im reeled in. This is awesome. So, Cuba is all about the sexual being. Sounds like a great place to grow up in. And, there was mention of Cuban men being great lovers. Hmm, interesting.

Sunny Side of Sex in INDIA

(in English)

So happy I came across this documentary. Its really good and very educational. Learned a lot. Next on the agenda, make a trip to India. Im searching for every piece of literature that was referenced in this documentary.

Sunny Side of Sex in CHINA

(in English)

I must say, would have never figured China to be this way.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Slutever: ORGASMS, Where Are They?

I really enjoyed this watch. I completely agree on "the what was learned."

Big Think Interview With Barry Komisaruk

Don't Jerk Off to This

I love these guys. This is hilarious.

The Test of Durex

Black DYNAMITE: The 11th Herb and Spice

Black DYNAMITE's Womenly Duties

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bathroom Swap


Pretty deep.

Fjögur Píanó

Lactation Consultant Demos Hand Expression..

..whatever that means.

Sunny Side of Sex... Around the World (TEASERS)

Sorry!  All videos are not in English. This is just a taste.   I will be posting the full length documentaries within the next few days, so keep yourself posted. Just so you know, its a 4-part series, each ranging around 50 minutes.  Be ready to be educated by this excellent documented series.  Enjoy the previews.


Oeganda (in English)

India (in English)


The Interview

The Sunny Side of Stripping

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exxxotica 2013, Get Ready

The announcements have gone out.  For Exxxotica 2013, time to prepare...  Kicking off their premiere at the Trump Taj Mahal, April 19-21 in Atlantic City, NJ.  Its nice to know Jersey gets hit twice; the beginning and the ending.

Now, counting up the moments.