Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More on Plan B: the Morning-After Pill

I have many thoughts on this. I agree and disagree. I wish people would stop saying teens need to be more responsible. Yes, the should, but lets remind ourselves that they are still kids. Parents want to know the every detail of their child's life, but realistically speaking ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. A teenager will keep the intimate details of their life to themselves. You are lucky if you have a teenager that feels comfortable with talking out these issues, that means you did something right. Lets be honest for a second, you probably didn't tell your parents all that was to tell of your teenage years.

Let me emphasize, Im not saying Plan B should be over the counter, but its availability should be on a confidentiality basis. An explanation of how Plan B works is most definitely important. With that said, I would say maybe you should fight to keep establishments like Planned Parenthood alive. Click here for previous Planned Parenthood post.

What do you rather...a teenage parent or a teenager that wants you to respect their privacy? Ummm, let me think about that???