Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From "A Woman Waits for Me" in Leaves of Grass

Sex contains all, bodies, souls
Meanings, proofs, purities, delicacies, results, promulgations,
Songs, commands, health, pride, the material mystery, the seminal milk
All hopes, benefactions, bestowals, all the passions, loves, beauties, delights of the earth,
All the governments, judges, gods, follow'd persons of the earth,
These are contain'd in sex as parts of itself and justifications of itself.

Without shame the man I like knows and avows the deliciousness of his sex,
Without shame the woman I like knows and avows hers.

by: Walt Whitman

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So, again, scrummaging through my belongings (and watching Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew) and what do I find, a thick red pocket-sized book title POSITION OF THE DAY:  Sex Every Day in Every Way by, well, from  I will be investigating that site immediately after I finish posting this.

Alright, just finished sizing up my pictures.  Here it goes... life is a bit crazy right now, so bear with me, I will try my best to post a daily position of the day according to "". 

Being the time and all, 1:51am, tonight/this morning's treat will be two =o

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pocket Supersex :o Sex (pause) in a Pocket =o

So I'm digging through my collection of books, that are to be devoured by the attic closet, and stumbled across something I found I had.  So, I'm sure I only flipped through the pages without getting to deeply involved because that's just something I would have done. 

I crack the book open. Well! I examine the cover at first. Pocket Supersex by Tracey Cox.  At times I may even bypass the author.  I was stuck on the title.  Ok, proceed to open.  Now again, I flipping through the pages to see if there are any pictures first.  Heh.  STOP! (of course this thought seized my mind).  I'm confronted with a photo that covers about ahh inch above the navel, legs straight together, and 2 inches off the sides.  But, the only thing that point out were white froot a loom spandex panties that looks like a jock and the word "myth."  So I read, weeelllll, all I see is big penis, hands, feet, nose, fact 3.  So I'm like oooh, I have to go back.  Again, flipped through the pages, going backwards this time starting at page 39:

MYTH: Having sex the night before affects his athletic performance
REALITY: In a recent study, men who had sex the night before a strenuous workout suffered no serious decreases in strength, balance, reaction time, or cardiovascular power the next day.  In fact, it might just improve his game because sex relieves prematch stress and tension.

MYTH: Bald guys have stronger sex drives.
REALITY: Probably true.  The myth says bald men are more virile than men with hair because they have more testosterone in their bodies (which can cause hair loss).  The testosterone/hair-loss link is true and testosterone is indeed the chemical responsible for his sexual libido. 

MYTH: Big hands/big feet/big nose = big penis.
REALITY: Not true.  No scientific proof whatsoever.

MYTH: Black guys are bigger.
REALITY: Yup.  And their penises are thicker, too.  'The Journal of Research in Personality' studied Asian, Caucasian, and black men and came up with the following results: Asian men are the smallest, averaging 4-5 1/2in (10-14cm); Caucasians are next, at 6in (15cm); then black men, at 6 1/4-8in (16-20cm) I don't necessarily agree with the last statistic.  Then again, depending on when the study was taken, I would simply say, "I guess, times have changed." 

Awwwh that's it!  Good thing I have to go back to cleaning.   Let's hope I find some more interesting stuff...

Friday, March 25, 2011

My view on Askmen's 'Top 10 Ways to Make Women Chase You' --- Learn From a Woman

I usually don't do this, and its long overdue, since the busy life (work, school, work, projects, work... arrr) has been holding me up on actually sitting down and writing all of this out... aside from that fact that I promised myself I would not go in the route of giving advice and/or really writing on my blog (I AM NOT A THERAPIST --- REPEAT --- I AM NOT A THERAPIST, but I do have views), but this was a MUST do.

Soo publishes an article, lets say more like a powerpoint presentation: Top 10: Ways To Make Women Chase You.

Ok, this is not meant to male bash by any means, but you really need to ask a woman and not a man.  Lets start off by pointing out that every female is different.  Not one woman is the same, and what may work for one may not work for the other.

Let us run through the steps (their step; my solution):

There is no right way to make a good first impression.  My suggestion, BE YOU! Nothing more, nothing less. If a female cannot accept you for who you are she isn't worth the time, vice versa.

Very true, but I don't like their explanation.  My definition of being a challenge is to hold out on sex.  If she throws herself at you, hold back.  I know its tempting, but it will pay off.  Women do not like feeling rejected, so do not, I say DO NOT, make her feel rejected, lets say, lets be more of a tease, at that point her mind will run wild.  If you really want to intensify the situation, get her real hot and bothered, foreplay for a little while, then STOP!  There is nothing like a man who is a tease, the temptation is a killer.  Sorry females =(  I probably should have left this one out.

Only suggestion her is to be/seem interested in who she is, what she does, interests, whatever.  Listen.  Be interested in something more than just yourself.  It's so boring to hear guys drown on and on about themself.  Don't get me wrong, do share intimate details of your life, just don't come off self absorbed. 

I don't even know what they mean by this.  If you know a woman is interested, make yourself present.  If you have really good conversations, what the hell, call everyday.  That way you'll stay embedded in her mind.  And, another benefit is she will get in the habit of talking to you, to the point where it will feel unnatural or like something is missing in her daily routine.  Just don't find yourself sitting on the phone with dead air.  Remember what you don't do another guy will.  It's 2011, who has time to play games.  One thing to add, don't be so impatient.  You have no idea what a woman has been through in life, some jump right in and others need time.  Feel her out, find out what she wants.  Say what you want, even if its just a sexual relationship for the time.  Honesty goes a long way.  Oh! And fellas, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop thinking that every woman who makes the decision to sleep with you right away is a ho (just means she knows what she wants); if the thought even crosses your mind well then I guess that makes you a ho too; 2011 No Double Standards.  Different strokes for different folks.

Hmmm.  No comment.  Thumbs up!  Fyi: As for the gifts, catch 22.  Some may want to ask: Is she really worth it?  Is that a habit you want her to become accustomed to?  I would say wait on any drastic gifts, (little things are cool) unless she's the type where you really have to step it up a couple notches (independent women, gotta love 'em).  You need to know what type of female you're dealing with first and foremost, unless that's just the type of guy you are and you just don't care.  I guess I did have a comment.

Oooo this is a tough one.  Yes, you should get inside her head, but this may or may not work depending on the female.  This may or may not benefit you (fyi: crazy chicks).  My advice: this one is up to you, but be very careful.  You don't want to send the wrong message.  She may take it as a blow off and just say to hell with you.  She may become obsessed and start stalking you (did you see the new T-mobile commercial with the girl in the closet -- psycho).  So lets just end this with, again, no games.
Smh!  Those questions are horrible questions.  In my mind.... "Who are you to be asking me what makes me interesting, when you're the one trying to pursue me?  Who does this guy think he is?"  Automatic shutdown, whether she's one that points it out right there and then, or the type to gradually fade her way out and away from you.  Sorry, but that statement comes off as if the 2nd party is desperate.  Women don't want to be made as being desperate, especially when most aren't.  (Whether you want to believe this or not, if there is a vagina, a penis always follows, or should I say lingers in the mist -- the power of the pussy).  At that point, she may feel she has something to prove.  You better hope and pray she really likes you, leaving you with either a hit or miss.  Why don't you try this.... test her by disappearing for a little while.  The mind will wander and actions speak louder than words.

Master funny, there's no need to be all cocky.  Most women see right through the film (even the ones who play stupid).

Suspense and mystery is good.  If she asks any questions, again, be honest.  A lot of times men fail to realize that women are more accepting than you think (what is it a 1:10 ratio of men to women).  When you've earned her trust, you've won the key.  Not to mention, if you really want to hold the cards, once you sleep with her, make her orgasm, make her cum.  A female does not stray to far from amazing sex.  It's almost like the crack fiend effect.

This really goes both ways, but I ask, "If you don't chase, how will you ever get what you want?  Who wants to be forced to settle?"  Fact is, many females still are not comfortable with approaching me, or like myself, feel that a man should always approach a woman, especially in regards to random encounters.  Bottom line, you have to weigh your options.  Do what works best for you.  If shes not interested, shes not interested, move on to the next there are plenty of fish in the sea.  Don't think its you, everyone is at a different place in life, so you just never know whats on her mind unless she tells you (then again, I'm big for the Don't Ask, Don't Tell).  My motto: "If it's meant to be, it can't not be, and that's pure destiny.So don't feel rejected, its probably for your own protection or benefit, which ever sounds better.  If you want her that bad, then by all means chase.  When there's a will there's a way.  But remember patience and persistence is the key.

Let me sum this up by saying, maybe I give good advice, maybe I give the worst advice.  Who knows???  Let me say this again.  Every female is different, what may work for one may not work for the other, use your better judgment.  Relax and your cards will fall into place  = )  

Please let me know your thoughts... if you hate it, like it, whatever.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting with Foreplay

Ok, I think the website is a fluke. I hate sites that force you to become a member, so I would just say enjoy the videos. Learn! Yes, learn!!!

And they say you only buy dolls for play, I mean fun, well..... Let's just say versatility. Funny thing is, I remember humping my dolls as a little youngster =D

Upcoming Events

An eleven day event (April 7 - 17th) celebrating gay theatre, Stage Left Studio is having its fourth annual Left Out Festival.  Visit for more details.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art OPEN CALL

Beers.Lambert Contemporary Art is proud to present TRANSGRESSION , an exhibition on London's renowned Vyner Street, that seeks artists who explore concepts pertaining to sexuality and gender-constructs in their practice. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the University of Kent and the London Institute of Philosophy's related symposium on issues of sexuality and aesthetics (June 16-18).
TRANSGRESSION seeks art-practices that challenge the representation and constitution of sexuality and gender in normative society. .........

For more info, visit WOOLOO.ORG

Application deadline is March 27th

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Who Says Your Sex Life Ends During Pregnancy

Believe it or not, a woman's sex drive goes rapid during pregnancy. Extra lubrication, hormones going wide, more intensified experience, and this is all where it really begins.

Then there's sex after pregnancy

Better Eating, Better Sex

Taking care of internal self is a very important factor to a more pleasurable, healthy sex life

When Sex Hurts....

Ways to ease the pain:

Ways to rejuvenate your vagina....labiaplasty hmmmm???? I'm not too sure about this.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Variety in Sex

So, I'm here on a late night surf and stumble across a few interesting videos.  Of course no one video is the same, so I'm going in

By far one of the best Anti-Aids ad I've seen thus far.

Gay love baby!

A little something extra I thought was interesting

I learn new stuff about the vagina everyday :D

Hmmm sexual energy... Too bad its not a bit more detailed, would have been nice :(

Friday, March 18, 2011

SEX WORKERS STAND UP.... for 86 Minutes Bound, Gagged, & Blindfolded

Today SWOP-NYC stood in Union Square in a silent protest for Sex Worker Rights, gagged and blindfolded, some holding up red umbrellas handing out mini fliers reading:

86 the Violence!
Sex Workers Rise Up

After an unprecedented nationwide organizing effort, sex workers made history last week in convincing the U.S. government to fully accept the United Nation's recommendation #86*.  For the first time ever, the U.S. federal government has officially condemned violence and discrimination against sex workers.  This public art instillation celebrates that decision in a symbolic display of recognition and hope.  Sex workers are wearing targets on their bodies to underscore the laws, police misconduct and prevailing cultural attitudes that lead to us becoming targets of violence.  Each performer will stand for 86 minutes bound, blindfolded and gagged.  On the 86th minute, each will break free and erase the targets from their bodies, leaving the objects that bound them in the shape of an 86 on the ground.

This represents our hope that recommendation 86 may finally be start, to the end of the violence.  If you would like more information on this story of the rise of the sex workers, please go to:

The face that as a sex worker, I am not taken
seriously if I report violence crimes
committed against me, makes me a target.

A study in Washington DC found that more than 50% of sex workers who went to the police for 
assistance were either ignored or further abused by officers.

You can also visit SWOP-NYC to learn more about the Sex Workers Outreach Project, or just to get involved.

Recommendation 86 from PJ Starr on Vimeo.

Old News Revisited --> Fake / Bootleg Condoms Beware

Pay more attention to your safety.  Be aware.  Be safe.



Thursday, March 17, 2011

2010 Recap -- Desiree Alliance Conference in Vegas


If you want to blast into their past, check out Desiree Alliance Conference 2010 or Desiree Alliance Kickstarter.  For the newest updates, visit Desiree Alliance Official Website.

Performers Wanted: 2nd Annual Sex Worker Cabaret on June 12, 2011

Ok, so if you haven't heard already, it's year two for the Sex Worker Cabaret, now produced by Sarah Jenny and Damien Luxe.  This is an event dedicated to Sex Worker Pride.

Here's last years line up

So for anyone who is interested in performing at the 2011 Sex Work Cabaret, you must apply at by April 7th.  Or, just check out the link for more details.  For questions, you can also email Sarah or Damien directly at

Have fun and Tootles!

Monday, March 14, 2011


So, I get an email from Sarah Jenny herself, explaining how she is working on this new project:

The Sex Worker Zine Project seeks to create a zine showcasing the diversity of sex workers’ experiences of all genders, sexualities, ages, abilities, nationalities, immigration statuses, races, and ethnic backgrounds. International submissions encouraged! This yet to be titled zine will be printed in full cover and will be available for sale with profits supporting the work of SWOP-NYC. All accepted contributors will receive a free copy of the completed zine.

For more info, and if you are interested in contributing to this project (your experience that is) please visit Sarah Jenny's Blog for more details.  Submission deadline is May 1st.