Saturday, October 29, 2011

How to Rid of a Hickey

A little ingredient for all my wanderers. This seems like a lot of strenuous work.

Man & Wife Tv: How to 69

Hehehe lol Scoop is funny. This position is definitely a relationship move and one of my relationship favorites.

Nina Hartley on Rimming Precautions

An Ex-Pornstar's Story

Pornstars w/ AIDS

Protecting yourself doesn't start and stop on film.

VladTv on Pinky Catching an STD Can They Really Prove It?

What do you think??? Views, comments, any opinions?

Has Porn Hijacked the Male's Brain???

Drugs to Avoid that Cause Erectile Dysfunction & Impotence

Toys Every Gay Man Should Have


Thai Massage & Japanese Yoga Poses

Sexy POM Commercial

Thursday, October 13, 2011

British Naked Charity Calendar

Exhaling...the Tender Lover again

I had to repost this video because I saw all the requests for it and then realized that Vimeo pulled it off their site, so enjoy once again.
The Art of Sex & Therapy: Exhaling..... the Tender Lover ::grin::: oh my gosh.  i feel like a kid in a candy store.  this vibrator is dynamic.  i had to watch this video a few times.  the more i watch it, th...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Curiosity: Why is Sex Fun?

This is so interesting. Thanks Discovery and mainly all the scientists behind the studies!

Discovery's Curiosity @ the Sex Museum and....

Enjoy the videos that follow as well

Strange Sex's Fetish Wrestler and....

Enjoy the following videos as well

How to Flirt w/ a Tomboy w/ Jennifer & Dan

Im a tomboy and I must say I agree to a huge extent. I agree, in the beginning guys do cheesy things (ex: a guy sent me the cheesiest x-mas card via email; nice thought, but so unnecessary; a simple merry x-mas would have been just or a joke in a card, laughing is always good). And, umm its sorry to say, but most guys cant handle being with a tomboy (personal opinion - our honesty tends to be, well..... in the words of Jack Nicholson, "You cant handle the truth!"). My advice, if you are into a tomboy, make sure thats what you really want, then push all the games to the side, lay your cards on the table because lying is worthless, makes you look bad, and 9 of 10 we're calling your bluff (we just may not say anything just so you can dig yourself a deeper hole). Want to see a girl become distant, sell yourself as if it really matters. Huge thing, BE YOURSELF! I stress. Please be yourself because when the real you unfolds its only a mark for disaster. If you meet someone that actually gives a shit by the time of unfolding, she just may try to work around it, but that will only last for but so long. Trust. Tomboys do not chase (attutide: some may come and some may go -or- whats that other saying "they come a dime a dozen" or something like that). Lying gets two thumbs down and a LAME stamped to your forehead... your loss (another attitude of ours). Tomboys are attracted to guys who dont hide their everyday personality; guys who dont care. We are huge on accepting you for who you and nothing less. Another thing, patience is a virtue. Im sure Im missing something, but whatever.

Here's a good article: Attract a Tomboy

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Love Does Grow on Trees by Bevan Walsh

This is awesome. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Briliant

Science of Sex Appeal: Sex -vs- Love

Laroche Sculpts Skeletal Love

Jean-Marc Laroche brings the skeletons to life. You can check this exhibit out at the Museum of Sex

Android's App

This hilarious to me
OMG! What will they come out with next???

Burlesque w/ Peekaboo Pointe

Not Ms. Pointe, but another twirler

The Sub-Line

Here I thought I was bad

Movie Clips - Some Like It Hot


Hot Scenes - Chahaton Ka Silsila

Mood Music - My Body