Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calling all SWINGERS... Do you know MANDINGO!?

*this video is graphic

Looks and sounds like Art needs to venture to Nyc.  The swinger scene is definitely live, packed, and players actually come to play.

I will say, to add on to Alex's experience.  It is a little awkward being at a swingers party when you're not there to swing.  There is a little guilt mixed with discomfort and gawkiness behind watching other people have sex live when its not a part of your everyday life, but then you adjust, especially, if you are into watching porn like me.  Watching live porn is even more awesome lol though with my experience I would have preferred a glass wall (like a peep show) between me and the people actually having sex.

Mentioned: Florida Mandingos -- The Shangri-Lust

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sexperience: What Porn Doesn't Tell You

This is where I would like to add a little reference point to one of my previous post:
MAKE LOVE NOT PORN  If you haven't checked it out maybe now is the time.

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Discovery Channel's Sex Sense: The Strip in Russian

Listen close... This video is dubbed over in Russian, but you can still hear the english background.  So for those who are good a dis-ciphering messages, here's a little treat.

Sex Sense. The Strip from Kornell Rastafari on Vimeo.

Monday, April 25, 2011

In music: The SEX PISTOLS

The Sex Pistols - Full Documentary

Upcoming Events in the LGBT Community

Here are a few events to look forward to:

What: Queers are Segregated. So?

When: Tuesday, April 26 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: CUNY Graduate Center 365 5th Avenue,  Room 5414 (venue is wheelchair accessible)
More info: The Queer Commons 

"The Queer Commons is a community-based organization dedicated to developing and supporting free educational events by and for queer and LGBT folks, particularly people of color, noncitizens, trans, gender nonconforming, genderqueer and intersex people, and all those who exist outside of the gay mainstream."


What: Salga Youth Group's Game Night
When: Saturday, 30th April, 6pm – 8pm
Where: LGBT Center 208 West 13th Street, Room 412
More info: Salga-Nyc

"The South Asian Lesbian & Gay Association of New York City (SALGA) serves to promote awareness, tolerance, acceptance, empowerment and safe spaces for sexual minorities and people of all gender identities, who trace their heritage to South Asia or who identify as South Asian."

Tramatized by the Cruelties of Some

Frontline Digs Deep with Sex Slaves

I'm struck by this video.  Hopefully, someone will watch this and make it a point to be the change, especially in these regions of the world. 

If the link does not show, click here to watch:  Frontline's SEX SLAVES

Areas mentioned: Tiraspol, Modolva --- Antalya, Turkey --- Odessa, Ukraine --- Russian District in Aksaray --- I may have missed a couple :(

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love Songs by Your Favorite Martian

Sorry for the delays.  My computer's power cord wants to fail on me now.  Smh!  So, I return with some melodies for the ear.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dr. Drew: If He's Really Interested You Will Know

What Do Men Really Want? My view still remains, no one person is the same. Each person wants something different. Communicate and find out. My opinion: Too many games are played, in other words, too many people play games. Be frank, cut the underlines.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

VBS goes to Kabukichō: Genki & the Art of Eel Porn

I came across this site about maybe 4 years ago. I love it, they cover very interesting subjects. VBS travels for in depth knowledge on various issues and topics.  Cool!  Now, I haven't been on VBS in about a year or so... who would have known that sex would lead me back to them.

My favorite lines (I will use a & b in place of their names):
A: "Why is it that they don't like Westerners in companion bars? a white guy you can't go to a Japanese whore house." 
B: "You guys have AH beeg deek (a big dick)."  lol
A: "It hurts their pussies?"
B: "Yeah."

Prepare to hold on to your seats because if this is not your type of fetish, what you will see may freak you out.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The World of Massage Therapy

There's nothing like a good old massage. I usually do my own massages, but its nice to have another set of hands. Check out the booby showing in the first video (hint-hint, why its 1st) :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exhaling..... the Tender Lover ::grin::

oh my gosh.  i feel like a kid in a candy store.  this vibrator is dynamic.  i had to watch this video a few times.  the more i watch it, the more interesting it becomes.  if you notice, after david lee says, "just five minutes," he starts changing the frequencies.  DID YOU SEE HOW FAST THE TIP STARTED MOVING!? ::my eyes lite up::  now,  form the right position and it'll hit the skin perfectly almost like little baby taps.  and to think, at first i was a little leery of this contraption.  in my head i'm pondering, "am i suppose to move??? this machine could probably jag another whole in you."

aaah. moving on...i have dreams of creating my very own vibrator (not the hugest fan of dildos, but..).  the world of vibrators are awesome, pleasurable for both teams. aaooo ::smile::

i've been searching the internet for a pricing on the 'tender lover.'  if anyone finds it before me, please shoot me an email or comment, anything, just hit me up.  would very much appreciate that.

i keep watching this video and repetitiously.  i forgot to mention.  did you see the last attachment??? o-------my-----gosh! omg! omg!  im such a perv, as my mind escapes me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A vote says, I will pick only the real interesting days to post a position.  For now I will still share, but I need a little more spark.

The RAPHE ---> Oral Sex

So of course if I learn something new, you learn something new as well, unlessss its just me here being educated. So, I'm reading this article on Cosmo when I noticed an area of the penis that I am unfamiliar with (well at least the technical term).  Of all the diagrams of penises I've examined in my lifetime I'm just now finding the Raphe.  And.... I also learn that this area exists on the female's anatomy as well.  How Cool!  So, of course, I have to investigate.  What I also did not know is that wikipedia is "very" graphic (we like, no!, we love!), the more pictures the better; video even more better.  So here is it: the perineal raphe, described by wikipedia as, a visible line or ridge of tissue on the human body that extends from the anus through the perineum.

*pictures via Wikipedia

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Are you a Beginner to Tantric Sex? Try this!

I really enjoyed watching this video, maybe a little too much ::pause:: thinking....thinking, ummmm yea!

Position of the Day 4/5... and "X"TRA TREATS

Oh course ::smile:: I was getting ready to post the position for the day, when I decide to go rummaging around the internet. Now ::pause-smile::. Well, let's start over. I had a purpose, I wanted to see if I could compare variations in positions by examining other photos. But, I only wanted today's position and ended up stumbling upon a great finding. How I must admit, one of my all-time favorite positions that I rarely get to do is on the list. Try guessing.....ha ha ha, that's if I decide to tell you ::cheese::. Anywho, take a look for yourself..what I like best are the graphics ::eyes light up:: in these illustrations ::eyebrows raised-grin::.

Ok... since I usually don't write this much (hint hint hint) I'm not a writer. Lol. Here's the Position of the Day by, following, Sexual Positions by, I have no clue, let's see. For now I will say Scattaglia, at least that's their profile name.

Kama Sutra - Tantra Positions

Ok! I'm excited, again! Someone commented they prefer videos, so let me see if I get this video up here.

Haaaa! This video is hilarious and good at the same time. It's educational in the sense that they bring up some good key points, such as BRUSH YOUR TEETH, but when they became serious about the makeout session I'm like, "oooo gosssh," the whole time; a little too staged for me. I'm not too fond of tongue in the mouth action, but to each's own.

 Wish I could post the .pdf files they packaged as well.  Sorry, but one day, somehow!

AIDS WALK NY -- MAY 15, 2011

There's still time to register: 212-807-WALK(9255) or

Join the cause...



I think I nabbed the wrong photo, but I'm sure you get the idea. Lol

Tonight Rachel Lloyd reads from her book "Girls Like Us," detailing her struggles as someone who was a victim of commercial sexual exploitation.  She is also the founder of the non-profit organization, GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), for girls and young women whom have been victims of commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

Starts @ 7pm
172 Allen Street btwn Stanton & Rivington 
Lower Eastside, Nyc

Monday, April 4, 2011


This looks interesting, with a side of numb leg syndrome =)  =o

*Position of the Day by

The Sound Effects Behind Porn

I find this to be absolutely amazing. Had I known or even thought of this years ago I would have probably made a little side profession of it =D Hey! Its still not too late.

Are Men Turning into Boys??? the Wall Street Journal Investigates

I will stay neutral for this. The topic very debatable.

Now on Exhibit @ the Museum of Sex

The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived

For a $3 discount, click Museum Coupon

Upcoming Panel Discussion

International Solidarity w/ India's Sex Workers' Rights Movement

*Picture from BBC News

Wednesday, April 13
The Brecht Forum
451 West St. 
(West Side Highway) btwn Bank & Bethune
Free and open to the public!

Dr. Smarajit Jana, one of the founders of the DMSC (Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee) in Calcutta, India, and his colleague, a member of DMSC's organizing committee, are visiting the US in April, and will be speaking at the Brecht Forum on Wednesday, April 13, 5-7pm.

The DMSC is a collective forum of 65,000 sex workers and serves as a model of labor organizing within the sex worker rights community. DMSC has been extremely successful in securing support for their work from the communist-led government of the Indian state of West Bengal, making the organization unique in the kinds of allies it has made in the course of doing its work. However, opportunities for sex workers from the Global South to meet with fellow activists, like-minded scholars and allies in the Global North are few and far between, unlike the opportunities for networking among anti-human-trafficking activists, which abound, due to governmental support for the abolition of prostitution. This exciting event will bring together sex workers' and labor rights activists in New York with activists from India in a rich discussion on what's happening, and what the way forward might be.

This event is sponsored by: the Sex Workers' Outreach Project (SWOP)-NYC, The Brecht Forum,
South Asia Solidarity Initiative, the Barnard Center for Research on Women, the Department of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and a coalition of sex workers' rights advocates in New York City

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I have to examine the Linda Hamilton for a little bit.....examining......examining.....examining.....

And, April Fools ::devious:: a day late for you.  Ha ha! Lol = ) The Hugger Mugger sure looks like a "where do you think you're going" position.

*From"s Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way