Monday, January 30, 2012

Beauty Studies

Sexual Chocolate Beer

Love -Vs- Stress w/ Deepak Chopra

I absolutely love his meditation cd.

Choosing to be Gay

Woman Has Sex w/ Clients

Hoarding: Mistresses: Ending Marriages???

TLC's Virgin Diaries

Oh my gosh! lol Look at the way they are kissing. See this would be my reason for not waiting lol, for kissing at least that is. Let me iterate, there is nothing wrong with keeping your virginity; nothing, nothing, nothing...  Some of me wish I had waited and another part of me only wishes I was still a virgin, but your life had its reason.

Early 90's Slang


Yeast Infection and Sex Risks

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Understanding Contraception for Women

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New Contraception for Men

The Negative of Sex Tourism

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sex is No Accident

Leg Training

OMG! Her legs are no joke, but her body looka likea man with boobs. Yo! Leg press use to be my favorite in the gym

Want Butt Training?

Calvin Goes Sexy

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Reel Queer Productions presents..

....Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out!

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Jesus, Lebowski, and Orgasms

Auto Correct At Its Best

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Lambada

To Get a Boyfriend Mom Tapes Daughter Naked

Oh my, is it really this bad?

Here's a copy of the conversation:

Mother: These days it has become popular to seek marriage partners on the internet, and my daughter is already so old now. But I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know it is done, so what I’m doing is uploading a video instead.

Mother: My daughter, well, was born in 1985, is the cow/ox zodiac sign, and this year will be 26-years-old. I want to help my daughter using the internet to find a boyfriend. As for qualifications, ai, average is fine– [she slaps the table, is unintelligible, laughs]

Daughter (calling out from bathroom): “Mommy, help me wash my back.”

Mother (getting up and walking towards the bathroom): Lulu, what do are you doing?

Daughter (from bathroom): “Help me wash my back.”

Mother (at door of bathroom, filming in): Ohhh, you are how old now and you still want me to help you wash your back? I’m trying to help you find a prospective marriage partner! I’m doing that..finding a boyfriend to evaluate for marriage…that…that…hey, what kind of qualifications you want, say them out…

Daughter (finishing her bath, still naked): [unintelligible]…just find one who is good to you, good to me, knows how to bathe/wash [others] and that will be good enough…

Mother (laughing): Then–then–then just find one like that?

Daughter: [unintelligible]…a beggar is fine too…aiyou, towel…

Mother: Well, it is seeking a marriage partner for you, so what you say/want is what matters—-

Daughter: I want to date a beggar.

Mother (sighs): Aiya, alright, that’s fine too, as long as he is good to you, I think that’s okay too…

Woman Sentenced for Forcing Teen to Touch Her Breasts

Where Women Pay to Get Their Breasts Slapped

Dag on, did you catch the cost of the course. Lets see, I did my calculation. 10 million baht is equivalent to $316,456. That is a lot of money just to slap breast :)

Uruguayan UN Peacekeepers Allegedly Rape Haitian Teen

This is a direct violation! First you get molested by the priests, sexually abused and violated by the peacemakers! Peacemakers! ::smh:: Really, what is this world coming to???

Full story:

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Leila on Spanking

Your Bra & Sex

The Virgin Girls

Why isn't there a purity ball for boys. Wouldn't it be easier for a girl to keep her virginity if she wasn't being pressured by a boy. Parents fail to forget that many girls are pressured into sex. Why don't you talk to boys....tell them that when their friends talk about having sex 9 times out of 10 they are lying, or be comfortable with yourself to not care what others are doing and/or what they think about you.

Oh man! this is a debate. What happens to those who wait until marriage and find out that they don't like it. Marriages that lead to divorce because of intimacy issues. Oh, they don't mention that. Or, sexless marriages, spouses that cheat. Funny thing, my grandmother of a 50+ marriage once said to me she wish she had experienced another man before settling.

I wonder how many of these girls actually....well, which ones didn't wait. Ok, there was one story. I hate parents that try to make there kids feel guilty, especially for something like sex. Like, COME ON, REALLY! Now, if your daughter waits that for herself, thats another thing.

Ok...I do not have a good relationship with my father --he's not one I can talk to about anything and our conversations are usually volatile or less than 4 sentences long yet, he raised me and he was in my life, took care of me, etc.; he was very responsible man when it came to his kids; both a mom and dad; men like my father are rare in hard to fine....very rare). GRANTED, that [he] could be the reason why my past relationships with guys did go so well, at the same time, I never ran to a man for companionship. I've never looked to a guy to feel loved and I grew up thinking and feeling like my father didn't love me (he did, but his way of showing it isn't... I want to say traditional, but what is traditional??? basically, my pops wasn't and isn't the hugging type. we don't kiss. we don't tell each other we love one another. there is no affection whatsoever), though he did. I just didn't know it then.

My thing is, when you have sex let it be with someone you trust. Let it be a friend. Let it be something that you are ready for, not pressured. You DO NOT have to be in love. I wasn't in love my first time, I was curious. My stepsister who was boy crazy needed me to tag along so she could see a boy, he had a friend, and it put me in a situation where #1) I would have never put myself in alone, and #2) The perfect setting to have sex, so I did it. My friends tell me I had a crush on the boy and said he would be the one, which I do not remember. I know I wasn't in love and the only reason I had sex with him is because she was suppose to move to another state, so I thought I would never see him again. Boy, was I wrong....1st day of school, freshman orientation. He was there, I was shocked. I noticed him and dodged, acted like I didn't see him, completely brushed off. LOL. I will never forget that day. LOL. Yeaaaah, I wasn't the usual girl. Later that day, he approached me about it. I lied and said I didn't see him. I wonder if he believed me :) Anyway, Im rambling. I just wanted to share that experience.

Moral of my story is....I'm glad I wasn't in love. I saw how many girls got wrapped up in guys and I'm glad that wasn't my story, though the second worse thing happened. He spread all these horrible rumors about me around school saying I was sleeping with all these guys. After that, I vowed to never be in that position again. I blew guys off. I chose not to live up to the rumors.

I wish my father had prepared me for that. Then again, your ventures build you and it built me. I hated dude for years and till this day every once in a blue I think about the past, but I learning to let go, plus I heard his life isn't so great. Guess what goes around comes around one way or another. One other thing, know who you're with. Very important to know who you are dealing with.

99 Ways to Lose Your Virginity

Trailer: How to Lose Your Virginity

Purity Balls? A Pledge w/ Daddy to keep my Virginity

Alabama Fan Teabags Man Passed-Out

Big Talks About 'Stupid Hoe'

Jokes About Rape...on TV???

This was actually funny, in a dry sense.

Trailer: Dangerous Method & Untold Story

This looks interesting. See they don't show you this facial expression in porn......real.

The Untold Story

Movies: Habitación en Roma (Room in Rome)

Sorry no subtitles

Wait....I think I found something. Only problem, the loading is slow on this video.

Videos Made to be Sexy

Frenchie Kiss - The Mooche

More with FEMEN

In Foreign Film: CRAZY HORSE

This is awesome

Hey Maurica!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

About the NOW Sexuality Conference w/ Betty

History of the Dom

The Premature Evacuation

Cleaning Your Anal Douche

She Looks Like Sex (remix)

Bollywood Teaser

Bad Breathe Be Gone!

Bad breathe be gone. Who wants to kiss someone with stank breathe? I don't even want to be in front of someone with funky breathe. Let's make it work.

The New Dating Coach

The Gay Pride

I'm a little lost.  How does farting relate to being gay and dildos??

Married My Video Game.....Girlfriend

Anything is possible.

My Little Pony Years Later

I use to watch this show growing up.

How to Make Fake Semen


Im not too sure about all the drugs.

Men R From Mars Women R From Venus

Monday, January 2, 2012

Man w/ HIV Spreads Disease Intentionally to Many

This is scary. Situations like this is why I stress having your partners tested before engaging in sex. I can't say I haven't made mistakes (blamed it on the alcohol), but if you can be pre-cautious EVERYTIME. Care more for you than for them. Waiting never hurts.